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Yaffle 2005: Fof's Countdown to 15k

We had a lot of fun last friday (Veteran's Day,) raffling off a Logitech Wireless Xbox Controller (congrats, jpm37.) Serendipitously, the raffle turned into an elaborate YAMM spectacle, with the Bonus Round going to Neenahboy, and the Mystery Prize being awarded to nachonaco as my post count hit the magic 15k number.

Timckelly called it "the most elaborate YAMM (he's) ever seen!"

Virtual hugs all around, as the real-time excitement came to a crescendo near midnight. Silliness, suspense, creativity and COMMUNITY. What more could you ask for in a thread?

What more could you ask for in a YAMM?

That certainly felt like a nice way to excuse myself and take a break for awhile. And it's been a very productive week.

Alas, it's come to my attention that I've been unceremoniously de-YAMMed. So, what does that mean?

Yes, ladies and gents, I get to YAMM again!

Now let's think about this: how many people get to enjoy the thrill of a 15k YAMM a second time? Not many, I tell you... and this one's going to be bigger. This one's going to be better.

The Mystery Prize being awarded at the end of this one is very exciting. Better than all of the previous prizes, combined!

So, how do you enter? Simple: be the second poster directly after my 15,000th.

That's right, make the second post. Right after my 15,000th. In the same thread where I posted my last.

I'll refresh that thread (wherever it may be) a few seconds after I post. Then I'll take a screenshot. Whoever is the second poster after my 15,000th at the time of my screenshot... will win the Super Deluxe Mega Mystery Prize.

Good luck, my TCF friends, and Happy Holidays!

EDITED 11/23/05: We have a winner!

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