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Old 12-26-2005, 07:38 PM   #1 (Print)
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jenkins.iso with lba48?

I have recently upgraded my Sony SVR-2000 Series 1 TiVo with a 300GB hard drive, using the PTVUpgrade disc to install an lba48 kernel into the drive.

Now have have purchased the 9thtee CacheCARD, V2.2, and have successfully installed it -- it is making its service calls over the Internet now.

Next step: to try and get telnet and FTP access to the TiVo, and install Tivoweb. The clearest instructions I can find are for the jenkins.iso disc, but it doesn't mention lba48, and I'm a little fearful of doing things with that boot disc. Can I get away with that?

Alternatively, I see a tivowebplus_1.2.1 folder on my PTVUpgrade disc, but I am unable to find the instructions for installing those files. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Can I also install telnet access from files on that disc?
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Old 12-27-2005, 05:55 PM   #2 (Print)
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The telnet and FTP daemons should have been installed with the cachecard drivers.

You should be OK using a non-LBA48 CD to install stuff like TiVoWeb to a 300GB LBA48 drive, but if you can't mount the system partition(s) then you will need to boot from an LBA48-aware CD.

The easiest way to install TiVoWeb is via FTP anyway.

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Old 12-27-2005, 06:33 PM   #3 (Print)
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I got rid of my series 2 Tivos and have been researching upgrading and hacking my Series 1. I also noticed Jenkins is about the best reference out there, but a lot of it is outdated. TivoWebPlus has replaced TivoWeb for instance. I upgraded and hacked my Series 1 years ago, but I am rusty on the whole procedure and the research has been frustrating. Series 1 hacking info is now mixed with all the other models. I really wish Series 1 hacking info could be cut from the mess and put in one spot.
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