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Old 05-19-2004, 06:09 AM   #241 (Print)
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mperry99 mentions in post #222 that a small tweak is needed for Eyemcrazy's guide on enabling serial control (his guide is post #115).

Does anyone know what tweak is necessary?

I'm still trying... Need some help.

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Old 05-19-2004, 06:09 AM   #242 (Print)
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mperry99 mentions in post #222 that a small tweak is needed for Eyemcrazy's guide on enabling serial control (his guide is post #115).

Does anyone know what tweak is necessary?

I'm still trying... Need some help.

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Old 05-19-2004, 06:09 AM   #243 (Print)
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mperry99 mentions in post #222 that a small tweak is needed for Eyemcrazy's guide on enabling serial control (his guide is post #115).

Does anyone know what tweak is necessary?

I'm still trying... I just can't get the option to show up on my series 1 Philips. Need some help.


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Old 11-11-2004, 11:03 AM   #244 (Print)
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Another success story (detailed)

I just switched to digital cable and was pleased to see I received a Motorola DCT-2244. However, like many, I didn't have a Serial Menu option to control the channel switching. Using the information in this thread, I am now quite happy that the serial control works flawlessly. The following are the detailed steps I took to make it work. You will recognize almost all of it, but there are a few minor details that probably prevent many from having success.

1. Download the mfstools 2 boot CD.
2. Take the HD out of the TiVo and put in PC (in my case, I had the drive on the primary IDE and the CD-ROM on the secondary. This makes the TiVo drive "hda" and the CD-ROM "hdc")
3. Boot with CD.
4. Press Enter for default boot setting. (in my case, step 5 didn't work. I got the "must specify filesystem type" error. This is due to needing to byte swap the partition table when it's read. At the boot prompt, you can select "swap", however, then the mfstools CD fails to mount. This is because the "swap" profile isn't correct. The solution is to type the following at the boot prompt "vmlnodma hda=bswap initrd=initrd.img load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0")
5. At # prompt, type "mount /dev/hda4 /mnt/tivo" (in my case, I had two Root partitions, hda4 and hda7. I looked at the /etc/rc.d directory in each and saw the date of the rc.sysinit file to be much newer on hda4 than on hda7. So I knew that hda4 was the one being used for /etc/rc.d by the TiVo)
6. Create these three files in /mnt/tivo/etc/rc.d (in my case, I didn't already have a "rc.sysinit.author" file, so you need to put the #!/bin/bash as the first line. If you already have a "rc.sysinit.author" file, then ignore the #!/bin/bash line and add the second line to the existing file at the bottom):

file: "addserial"
#!/tvbin/tivosh EnableTransactionHoldoff true set db [dbopen] transaction { set swsysa [db $db open "/SwSystem/ACTIVE"] set resgrp [dbobj $swsysa get ResourceGroup] set tmpgrp [lindex $resgrp 30] set tmpres [lindex [dbobj $tmpgrp get "Item"] 34] set val [dbobj $tmpres get "String"] if { $val == 0 || $val == 1 } { dbobj $tmpres set "String" 1 dbobj $tmpgrp remove "CompressedFile" puts "done, please reboot" } else { puts "wrong software version?" } }

file: "addserial.bash"
#!/bin/bash sleep 60 /etc/rc.d/addserial >/var/log/addserial 2>&1

file: "rc.sysinit.author"
#!/bin/bash /etc/rc.d/addserial.bash &

7. Make scripts executable by typing these 3 commands: "chmod 755 addserial", "chmod 755 addserial.bash", and "chmod 755 rc.sysinit.author"
8. Type "cd /" and then "umount /mnt/tivo"
9. Put HD back in TiVo
10. Power on and wait 5 minutes.
11. Restart the recorder via the Menus.
12. Now you should have the option for Serial, yaay!

I chose not to add the extra lines to the beginning of the "addserial" file, that sends the Off/On commands to the Cable Box. I very rarely lose power so I don't think it will be an issue. The TiVo does become unresponsive if the Cable Box is off, so make sure it is always on.

The two things above that may be tripping up people are the byte swapping mount issue (because I used the msftools 2 CD), and adding "/etc/rc.d/" to the beginning of the "addserial.bash &" line in the "rc.sysinit.author" file. The rest of the steps above are copied straight from previous posts in this thread.

Hope this helps those that may not of had success in the past. Get those serial cables fired up on those TiVo Series 1 v3.0 with Motorola DCT-2xxx boxes out there!
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Old 12-03-2004, 01:18 AM   #245 (Print)
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A couple of weeks ago I tried the serial cable on my Series 1 with a CableOne DCT-2224 box and it works. I had tried this when I first got my Series 1 a couple years ago and it never worked back then.

I have noticed the unresponsive Tivo issue a couple of times but found a somewhat easier solution than power cycling the cable box. While upgrading to a CacheCard and doing some cleaning on the Tivo I would usually see no remote control response when it came back up. Most of the times that this happened if I changed channels on the cable box via it's remote control the Tivo would then start responding to it's remote.

On a related note I posted this in another thread but thought with this thread I might have better luck getting an answer:

Out of curiousity I'd like to monitor the data going from the Tivo box to the cable box and vice-versa from a bash prompt over the ethernet connection.

I've tried using a "tail -f /dev/ttyS3" thinking that would copy all the serial comm to the bash session but that didn't work.

Anyone know of a way to monitor the data going to and from a Tivo serial port while telneted into the Tivo across a Turbonet/CacheCard?

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Old 12-26-2004, 03:13 AM   #246 (Print)
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WOW, thanks.

I have a Philips HDR114 (i think), and finally got Digital Cable through Comcast. I got the digital cable box finally, and have my Series 1 TiVO which i added a couple of drives and TYStudio.

I didn't want to go the IR route, too finicky, so I finally got the serial cable, and I called Comcast and asked for a cable box that the serial adapter actually worked.

And this script at the begining of the page worked like a champ, had to use Joe inside telnet to write it, but yay!

Just wanted to say thanks

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Old 02-03-2005, 11:33 AM   #247 (Print)
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Originally posted by stonkus
I can confirm that the lockup probs have gone away after disabling the bash prompt on the serial port. No issues in 10 days at all - no channel hunting etc...

I hate to bump up an old thread with an issue that was seemingly resolved two years ago, but...

...I have gotten the serial control to work with my Motorola box from my SVR2000. I have checked my /etc/rc.d and my /var/hack/etc directories and there are no instances of bash (or anything else for that matter) being run on /dev/ttyS3. (I utilized Jeff Keegan's book for the software installations.) However, I am still getting lockup problems where it can't receive any commands from the remote.

The first time it happened was while I was watching a show - I could no longer fast forward unless I logged into TiVoWeb and controlled the remote via the web interface. Then, once I unplugged and replugged in the cable box, it worked fine.

The second time it happened, the TiVo was "off" (hooray for a POWER BUTTON on the Sony remotes) and I was unable to turn it on, and I was also unable to log into TiVoWeb. (I could telnet in over the Turbonet card, however.) The running of the "powercycle" tcl script did not fix the problem (but it did turn off and back on the box) and neither did physically powercycling the box by unplugging and replugging it back in. The only way to fix it was to powercycle the TiVo.

I did notice, during the first time that it happened, that the "Firmware version" area of the System Information screen said "not responding" or something like that, but as I said, I cannot find any references to running anything else on /dev/ttyS3 in the startup scripts.

I'd just hate for it to lock up when I'm out of town, that's all...
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Old 02-03-2005, 07:32 PM   #248 (Print)
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I don't think the lockup is related to the serial control. It is the so-called "event bug". Also, I think it only locks up the remote (and tivoweb) so that if you are on vacation, programs will still get recorded.

I think there is a way to recognize that the lockup has taken place and the Tivo could then schedule to reboot itself at a convenient time like early in the morning when no recording is taking place. Then, in many cases, recovery will occur without you even knowing. In the case where the lockup happens while you are using the Tivo, you are out of luck - you have to reboot if you need the remote back.

I have not heard of any non-reboot solution to the event bug - it would be great if there were one.

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Old 02-28-2005, 09:16 AM   #249 (Print)
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I didn't think it would work, but when doing the guided setup on my recently acquired Humax DRT800, I tried setting it up with the serial cable and to my surprise, it worked (I thought the cable companies had pretty much disabled the serial port universally).

But now I'm a little nervous that the cable company will randomly send an "upgrade" to the cable box and it will stop working (and I'll miss some recordings). Still, I'd hate to go back to the IR blaster if I didn't have to... what do you all suggest?

My TiVo is at software 5.4.1-01-2-595.

My cable box (Motorola DCT, don't know the exact model) is from Comcast and its firmware is 07.73, software is 17.44.

One final question: with serial control, is the TiVo capable of turning the box on if for some reason it were powered off? I think this wasn't possible with IR because just sending the on/off is a toggle and there'd be no feedback (although I suppose it could simply detect a signal), but with serial, isn't it 2-way communication? So in theory, as long as the cable box is plugged in (clock is running, etc.), couldn't the TiVo "ask" if it was on and if not, turn it on before attempting to record?
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