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Save Old Recordings?

As a Christmas present to my parents, I decided to upgrade their old 20 GB TiVo (Philips HDR212) with a 120 GB Western Digital Hard Drive added as a Drive B. Using MFS Tools, I was caught in a reboot loop until I realized I had the jumper on the Quantum set incorrectly. :P

All went well after that for a few days. Unfortunately, this morning, I notice the TiVo has frozen, and, after replugging it in, I hear the Western Digital HDD making the infamous "Click of Death." Knowing that the drive is likely cooked and defective, I already have an RMA processing through WD.

Now, before I format the Quantum and load a new image onto it (Yes, I didn't make a backup; I'm an idiot), is there any way to save the old recordings after it has been married to the (now broken) WD, or do I <i>have</i> to wipe it clean to load the new image on? If there is a way to "unmarry" it, how?
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Dan Collins
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You can un-marry the drives (which can save you having to buy an Instant Cake image) but you can't salvage the recordings. If you make a minimal backup (see the Hinsdale instructions for the syntax) and then restore it to the original drive, you be back to a working 20GB unit, but all the recordings will be gone.

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As much as I don't like hearing it, I appreciate the response. I guess I'll just have to live with that.
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