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Hack Steps by Steps

hi everyone,
i realize that there are a lot of in formation out there related to tivo, and it seem to confuse many people. so i wrote up this thread to summarize the step of activate the reciever. i am not sure the step really work so if any expert out there can correct me to make the step correct.

i realize that there are many tivo reciever out there but there are few that hackable, up today, the SA and Dtivo is most popular. and the step are pretty much the same.
here are my step

1) remove the hard dish (HD) from the tivo reciever and use linux os to interface between the HD and PC.

2) we need to overize the retriction by install the Bash Prompt. from what i know, the Bash we need to get an image of MFS Tools 2.0 that can be burned to a CD-R to create a bootable CD, but i don't know the point of doing that ( i would be apreciate if someone can help me out). however, we need to remove the EEPROM chip for the reciever before install the BASH_ENV.

2.1) if we don't what to install the Bash, there is a second method called Sleeper. which i have no idea of doing it or much information on this method (can you guy help me out).

3) after we got our Bash into the tivo reciever, we need to get an adaptor to connect between the reciever with the ISP. since the SA and Dtivo have the USB support, we should get a USB to LAN adaptor. (after we doing this step, the tivo reciever should be able to communicate with the PC though a USB, howver, how do we know that it does communicate which i will discuss in step 4

4) we then isatll the telnet and ftp capabilities to the tivo reciever.

5) then we setup the IP address (if we have the router) assign a static IP address to the Tivo reciever so you won’t have to see if it changed every time either the Tivo reboots or the router has been reset.

that is what i know regard this subject and i hope to learn more if any one have better method or realize that some of the method that i did was wrong, can you point out for me so i can learn.

thank in advance.
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