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Someone asked before and I didn't see an answer.

Is this new area for "forum games" or all topics about games? For instance, will the XBox 360 thread and individual console/PC game threads also be moved here? It seems based on the reasoning above that this is just meant for "forum-game" threads and not actually about games.

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Originally Posted by pgogborn
Strange thing is, I have previously inadvertently called the "Happy Hour" forum the "Happy House" forum.

Crazy Brit.
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Originally Posted by bryce1012
Crazy Brit.

Crazy Brit, fan of crazy Brit punk singer Siouxsie Sue and her Happy House song:
Siouxsie: vocals
Severin: bass, vocals
Budgie: drums, harmonica, vocals
McGeoch: guitar

This is the happy house -- we're happy here
In the happy house -- oh it's such fun
We've come to play in the happy house
And waste a day in the happy house
It never rains

We've come to scream in the happy house
We're in a dream in the happy house
We're all quite sane
This is the happy house -- we're happy here

There's room for you if you say "I do"
But don't say no or you'll have to go
We've done no wrong with our blinkers on
It's safe and calm if you sing along
This is the happy house -- we're happy here in the happy house
To forget ourselves -- and pretend all's well
There is no hell
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Old 08-17-2005, 03:11 PM   #64 (Print)
Fizzle ma nizzle.
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To me, it's starting to sound like people really aren't aware of what happens in some of the longer threads. I hate to suggest it, but maybe someone in power should read them and really see what they're about?

Some are pointless. Some are not.

And, once again, I will say that the games idea is a good one, and the Fun House name is great. However, deciding that some threads that have been really important to certain members such as myself-aren't important enough to leave in the main forum-is insulting to some of us.

I listened to you, Dave. Now I plead with you, listen to us.

"Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren't very new at all." - Abraham Lincoln

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Old 08-17-2005, 03:27 PM   #65 (Print)
David Bott
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Hi All...

Threads as such as this have runs it's course. As someone stated, beating a dead horse. I have stated the reasons for my choice and some of you really just do not care to even try to look at it.

Sorry you may disagree with the choice that was made. This thread and other like will now be closed for more or less that really have run their course and members are also now attacking other members.

Please note...To those that choose to just continue to attack the choice by making off the cuff remarks, or just want to make for issues over this and something like post counts, well, I am sorry, but I will start to suspend accounts for it does no one any good. I will not subject the site, the mods or myself to anymore of these attacks.

Thank you kindly for the thoughts on the matter. Some of them were helpful and I made changes where I could.

David Bott
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