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Old 12-27-2005, 09:42 PM   #1 (Print)
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HR10-250 or Plain Old H10 ??

I have an R10 Directivo that the Mrs. can't watch TV without. I jumped on the free H10 to dabble in HD. I'm hooked on the HD & the Mrs. is hooked on the R10. She won't consider watching live content. Does this sound like the correct componet is a HR10-250? I'm trying to determine if what I really require is a $400 outlay for 1 box that does it all, or continue to pay for 2 separate boxes. Is it a no-brainer? Is the HR10-250 the right choice now at $400? Is it stable? Comments wanted. Thanks ...
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Old 12-27-2005, 11:18 PM   #2 (Print)
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The HR10-250 is the only DirecTV HD-DVR....

You won't be able to "TiVo" and HD content from an H10/H20 to any TiVo of any type.

I have had the HR10-250 since day one, and thus I watch the greater majority of my proramming via HD... worth every penny, but only if you can get your locals (either via OTA or from the SAT).

Where are you located... As DirecTV is rolling out HD Locals via SAT, but that will require the Q1/2006 release HR20-250 (which is NOT a TiVo based unit, but it will be an HD-DVR)

You may want to wait for a little while.

- Earl (XBL: Fontano)
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Non-TiVo DirecTV DVR (R15,HR20) ->
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Old 12-28-2005, 06:45 PM   #3 (Print)
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so i have what i think is a similiar (or maybe same) question. i'm planning on moving to hd d*tv shortly(like next week...). i live in the sf/bay area, which has recently switched over to mpeg4. i presently have a an r10 d*tv/tivo. would i be able to combine this box with the h20 hdtv receiver so that i could still use tivo(i know, i wouldn't be able to record in hd)? my hope is that i can put off going to the all in one hdtv tivo receiver until the mpeg4 version is available.

also, with mpeg4 up and running, is there any reason that i would also need an ota antenna in addition to the dish?

thanks very much!
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