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Upgrade DTivo drive via usb on linux box?

I have an R10 DTivo with 6.1 and an 80gb drive. I got the modded PROM in, backed up the drive, restored the backup to a 250gb drive, plugged the new drive into the R10 and it comes up and works a.o.k.

I have 2 fedora machines sitting here so booting linux CD's seemed extraneous to me. So I bought a $15 usb/ide adapter, plugged my R10 drive into my linux box via the usb/ide adapter and was able to back it up with mfstools, and restore that backup to the new 250gb drive the same way.

I'd like to be able to continue "uprading" my DTivo in the same way, i.e. by connecting the drive to my linux box via usb/ide adapter. Sound reasonable? I think I'd need to install an mfs kernel module in order to mount the DTivo drive. Does this make sense or not? Is there an "mfs module" that can be loaded into fedora?

I've had my R10 for several weeks. Why is my software rev 6.1? What is 6.2? Why don't I have it? Can I get it? Why does the Zipper only work on 6.2 not 6.1?

One more question. When I restored to my new 250gb drive I did a

mfstool restore -x

but it said

Not enough extra space to expand A drive.

So I then tried

mfstool mfsadd -x ...
Current estimated standalone size: 78 hours
Nothing to add!


$ ./mfstool info /dev/sde
Doing "./mfstool info /dev/sde".
MFS volume set for /dev/sde
The MFS volume set contains 4 partitions
MFS Partition Size: 256MiB
MFS Partition Size: 33055MiB
MFS Partition Size: 256MiB
MFS Partition Size: 41975MiB
Total MFS volume size: 75542MiB
Estimated hours in a standalone TiVo: 78
This MFS volume may be expanded 4 more times

And sure enough when I boot the drive back up in my DTivo it
shows I only have 70 hours of recording time (I have nothing recorded).
What am I missing here?

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