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Old 12-30-2005, 01:49 AM   #1 (Print)
Larry L. Bennett
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Larry L. Bennett

How do I hook up my tivo to a cable box so I can recored one channel while watching another or is this not possible. I have a Phillips TiVo.
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You need to have a TiVo with two tuners in order to be recording two programs, or watching one live and recording the other. Don't know if they have those with cable (I'm a satellite user).

With one tuner, you can only watch a previously recorded program while recording another.
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TechKnow Guide
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Or you need two cable boxes ....
Connect one cable box to your Tivo, which is then connected to your TV's Video1 inputs. Connect a second cable box directly to your TV using the Video2 AV inputs. When you want to watch Tivo recordings, select Video1 on your TV. When you want to watch Live TV, select Video2. You'll also need to ensure that the two cable boxes can't "see" each other's remote control signals.

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There are many hook-up options that can get some or all of what you want. The dual cable box approach is one.

Another is to simply split the cable coming out of the wall and connect one side to the TV and one side to the cable box. TiVo gets its input from the STB and controls the STB to change channels. Output from the TiVo goes to the TV (S-Video+audio or composite+audio). Select the TV's tuner and have it scan the channels on the cable -- it will get at least all the analog channels (no premium channels though). If TiVo needs the STB, switch over to the TV and watch basic cable.

Dick K
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