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Powering down automatically

I just got a replacement box again from Tivo and it worked for about a day before it started to power down and restart itself automatically (when it did this it got stuck on the powering up screen). When you unplugged it, it would power up correctly but within a few hours it would power down again and gets stuck. The only thing that changed between my initial install and now is I got a service update for programs that overlap by a minute or two. It also makes very weird noises when it does work before it powers down. does anyone know if this is a fixable problem? The only other weird thing is I have it set up on cable without a box, but it keeps sending me message to set up the channel changing function as if I had a box connected to it.

This box is 3 days old (i am not sure it Tivo sent me a refurbished box as my previous one just died).....and its my third Tivo box in 2 months (the last replacement bos I receive also did not work). I have loved tivo for many years, but the recent problem are having me think about moving to the comcast DVR (which I belive is terrible - but my other option is to actually watch live TV!).

Any help would be great - and happy to new year
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Sorry, but your replacement box is defective. Either that, or you are having power dropouts. I suggest that you buy an inexpensive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and connect the TiVo to the battery-backed-up outlet on it. These are often available for under $30 and are a good idea in general for TiVos. A model rated at 350VA will be fine.

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