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TV Guide-AICN SPOILERS to upcoming 24 episode 1,2

I normally stray from ALL spoilers to 24 (including ALL previews to next week's episode). However, I briefly scrolled through this info on AICN (am I the only one on this board who reads content over there?) and I'm not spoiled, but really excited for the upcoming season. I can't wait!

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Um-Plop... Um-Plop... in 2 1/2 weeks

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Originally Posted by cancermatt
...AICN (am I the only one on this board who reads content over there?)

I used to love AICN - especially Herc's section (In fact, it impossible for me to refer to Agent Almeida as anything but "Soul Patch Tony"), but for some reason I just inexplicably stopped checking over there. I got a little irritated with the talkback section - it's so uncivil - and I much prefer the interaction about TV shows here, and Harry's mind-numbingly long and rambling reviews bugged me as well, but mainly I think it's because I started spending more and more time at TCF and had less time in which to surf other sites.

But just the other day I was perusing something else, and I came across Alexandra DuPont's (who I understand is no longer reviewing movies for AICN. Pity.) reviews of SWIII and Serenity, and they were genius, and reminded me how much I used to enjoy AICN.

In any event, woohoo!! 24 is almost back. Very excited.

"Never underestimate 15 beers, a little enlightenment, and the power of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock" - Earl J. Hickey

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