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Easiest way to copy Tivo HD

I have Tivo model - TCD2400040 and want to copy my current 150g drive to a new a new Seagate 160g drive. I don't trust the 150g Maxtor as it's starting to make a lot more HD noise. What is the easiest way to just copy the drive to a new one? I really don't want to start over and would like to keep the Maxtor as a backup. I'm familiar with starting over from a clean image as I have already done that; want to keep everything I have on it now. If I bought a larger HD could I upgrade to that when I do a copy?

Thanks for the help...
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You can back it up using MFS Tools, and even keep your recordings. Unless you start with a clean image, however, you will only be able to use 150GB of the new drive, as the image has been expanded once, and cannot be expanded again.


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see step #10 - upgrade configuration #3

If you want to upgrade to a larger HD and use the full capacity of the HD, you'd have to lose all of your current recordings.

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Unfortunately you can not easily expand the partitions to fill the new drive. If you use the '-x' option with the mfsrestore in "step #10 - upgrade configuration #3" the operation will fail when trying to do the expand.

Some what safe, checks that hdX is a valid TiVo source
mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hdX | mfsrestore -s 127 -zpi - /dev/hdZ

replace hdX with the Linux identifier for your TiVo drive
replace hdY with the Linux identifier of the new drive

Standard IDE Linux drive identifiers
hda = primary master
hdb = primary slave
hdc = secondary master
hdd = secondary slave
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