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Arrow Series 2 HD Upgrade Gone Bad - HELP!

EDIT: Nevermind...I said screw it and started with a new image. I lost my recordings. :-(

I probably should have read up a little bit more before attempting this...but...

I have a 40g Series 2 TCD24004A Tivo. I wanted to replace that drive with a 250 gb Maxtor Quickview drive. I used MFSTools w/LBA48 support to do these things.

I dd'ed from the old drive to the new and I wanted to keep the recordings, but I was skimming the upgrade tutorial really fast and typed the wrong thing --
mfsadd -x /dev/hdf /dev/hde
(hdf = OLD hde = NEW)
when I should have just typed in the mfsbackup command or mfsadd -x /dev/hde

Now...my old drive has no partition table -- I've tried various "rescue" partition programs to get the partitions back to no success. My new drive, when hooked back up to the Tivo, spins up, and gets past to the gray "Welcome. Powering up..." screen to the colorful "Almost there. Just a few more minutes..." screen...and then it reboots. This will happen over and over. To make matters worse, my mfsbackup is gone as the drive I saved it to crashed badly. I am without a backup image!

I'm a little bit of a linux newbie -- I know a bunch of commands, but I don't know it in depth. I have various Linux boot disks at my disposal.

Any help would be appreciated in accomplishing these goals:
1. Make the new 250gb Tivo Drive workable
2. Get my Recordings back!

Which log files do I read to figure out why the tivo is rebooting over and over again?

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Dan Collins
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If you really did what you say, then all that happened was that the new drive was added as a B drive. You should be able to just connect both drives to the TiVo (with the original jumpered as master, and the new drive as slave). Of course, that was before you started messing with the partition table. If this procedure does not work, you are likely SOL and will need to get a new image and start from scratch - but your recordings are lost.

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