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Old 12-29-2005, 09:32 PM   #1 (Print)
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Arrow New HR10-250.. screwed up SD Unit

Hiya all.. Merry christmas and Happy New Year. I went with the Direct Tv deal and upgraded my standard def tivo unit in my family room with the HR10-250. That side of things works great. The installer did an okay job, except for using white RG6 cable on a black roof, running it diagonally from the chimmney to the wall, and ran a green ground cable. But what he screwed up was my Standard Def Receiver and standa alone Tivo in the master bedroom. It keeps going from locked and 74 peak to unlocked and 0 peak. I have been speaking to Direct Tv and they keep givi9ng me the run around. They agree that the installer screwed up on the 2nd unit, but that the white cable and the way he installed it was correct. I have spoken to other installers who tell me that he should have run the cable under the eves (sp?) to protect it. And that he should have had come back with black cable. One Direct Tv guy says you cant get RG 6 in black which i know is bull since I have a bunch in stock at work. So I guess the bottom line is do you think I should just give up fighting with Direct TV and fix it on the roof myself or get their butts out to do it?

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Is the problem intermitent or only when you have the HD Tivo on certain channels? I ask because a flakey multi-switch (or cascading the wrong type) can cause transponders on one receiver to stop being received when another receiver is on a different polarity one. But if it is just randomly going in and out, it could be a loose connector. Can you give more details about your wiring (i.e. what goes from what to where)?
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Old 12-30-2005, 02:11 PM   #3 (Print)
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I will describe both the original and what was changed.

The original was a dual lnb dish with 2 rg6 cables coming out of it. One was to the master bedroom to a sony receiver. The other was to a RCA receiver in the family room. Now for the upgrade the installer removed the dual LNB and put in the 3 LNB oval Hi def dish and ran one more (white) RG6 cable to the family room and connected it to the new HR10-250. I didnt think he touched the cable to the bedroom but he must have. The problem with the lock/unlock is on all channels and all transponders. I think he messed up one termination.
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