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Retrodog's First Annual Foodsaver Contest (Dog & Cat Pictures)

So first of all, what's the prize?

Well as the title describes, it's a Foodsaver (since I'm the self-proclaimed Foodsaver shill for the forum). But it's not a fancy one. It's a Model 300. It will do the bags, but not the jars. Yeah ok, maybe I'll do the fancier one for the second annual contest.

So how do we compete?

Ok, to be eligible you must have a dog or cat. You must have a cute picture of your dog or cat. You must post two pictures of said dog or cat. One picture will be the cute one and the second will show you with the dog or cat, for proof of relationship. And if you're someone who hasn't met many of us, you must be holding up a sign in the joint picture that reads "Retrodog Foodsaver Contest" so I'll know it's you. It might be possible to e-mail the joint picture directly to me if you are uncomfortable posting it on here.

The contest will run for one week. Pictures must be posted by 11/15/05, 22:00 CT.

"So retrodog is a well known dog lover (especially if it's cold enough) and not too fond of cats. How will we know that the cat pictures will get a fair shake?"

Well the judges will be made up of myself and two of my female friends. And they are cat lovers, the owners of Tigger (Tig-Tig) and Nosey. Tigger being shown below, with me. Anyway, it will be getting judged essentially by two cat lovers and one retrodog... so there is a pretty good chance of not only feline fairness but maybe also some preference.

Who is eligible?

Any standing member of this forum who joined before now, and capable of proving to some reasonable point their identity. This is to keep out computer simulated members like Steavis and his virtual GF/wife.

What other rules are there?

Well, whatever I think up or remember between now and next Tuesday night.

Me and tig-tig

Edit (11/10/05, 12:10 CT): Ok, so I got a couple of concerned PMs from people about the background/use of the prize, due to my diet. So I just wanted to add that this Foodsaver is new and still sealed in the original box. That's right, never opened. It has absolutely never been used to vacuum package kitty parts in any way, shape, or form.

Mmmm Kitty,,, the other red meat. Feed them well and they will feed you well.

"There is some mental disorder, where people keep cats."justapixel

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