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changing channels manually

I have a problem with some of the terestrial channels through my NTL box, and one way around this is to just watch the channels via the ariel.. it works fine for ITV, where i press 23 and it goes to the ariel output of ITV. However, it doesn't seem to work for channel 4.. whenever i press the channel which is supposed to make it go to the ariel channel 4 it just gives me the blue tivo screen saying its not receiving anything... Why would it work fine for ITV but not for Channel 4? If i use the TV remote to select channel 4 then its fine, so there is definitely a signal coming through.

My second question is: Is there a way of making the tivo switch to the ariel output for ITV (set to '23' currently) by me only selecting '3'... ie letting me just press the number 3 rather than 23, but then having it switch to the ariel input for 3 rather than the cable input?

Thanks for any advice anyone may have on these questions.
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Robert S
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Those channel numbers are the UHF channel numbers for the transmitters, so channel '3' is on a different frequency to channel '23' and there's no way to change that.

Perhaps you've chosen the wrong channel number for C4? There are several listed for my post code, but only one works. Modern TVs also tune by UHF channel number, so you should be able to check that the TV is tuned to the same frequency that the TiVo is looking for.

It's also possible that something is interfering with that frequency. If you have a VCR in the aerial chain, perhaps its remodulated output is on that frequency, or perhaps the TiVo's own remodulated output is the culprit?

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