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Old 01-12-2002, 12:46 PM   #1 (Print)
Perfectly Cromulent
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The Now Playing Sorting/Folders/Users Thread

Below are some of the previous threads on this subject, but if you have something to add, please use this thread.

The "Now Playing" List - SORT IT!
who wants folders?
Multi user issues
His & Her's Now Playing Lists
Sorting the Now Playing List

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Old 01-18-2002, 06:09 PM   #2 (Print)
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I think a better name would be to call it categories instead of folders.

I love the way the free service WeSync.com handles this for my palm contacts. Each item can be tagged with multiple categories or none. Then you can view by category to see one category, a mix of multiple categories, or all the items. If you have a plam you should check this service out, if you have more than one palm in your household you MUST use this service it is awesome!

Back to TiVo....

For TiVo you might tag a show as a Movie and as a Kids show and if you view movies it would show up or if you view Kids shows it is there too. Also you could choose to view the categories Moms & Dads to see both in a single list.

View all to see the equivilent of the list as it stands today.

The category should be set up at the time of recording or programming the season pass as an extra menu tree - Set Categories for this recording.

Suggestions would get their own category.

For deleted items I would like to see the program just get a category of Deleted and not actually erased until space is needed so programs could be recovered.

The categories I would probably use are:

Dads shows - Nova, Scientific American Frontiers, Screen Savers, Silicon Spin, Big Thinkers
Moms shows - Law & Order, ER, Friends, Darma & Gregg,
Kids Shows - Rollie Pollie Ollie, Pooh, Bear & Big Blue House
Movies - PPV events, etc.
Prime Time - You know what goes here - Mostly Moms shows
News - Nightly News, Good Morning America, 60 Min,
Daily Shows - Late Night with David Letterman, Screen Savers, Silicon Spin, Nightly News, Good Morning America

I think you get the idea...

As you can see there would be shows with multiple categories and this really does map out to the kinds of choices I make when I am ready to start watching a program:
Sometimnes I want to quickly review the programs that will be gone tomorrow i.e. daily, sometime I just want news, sometime I just want kids.

As the Hard drive gets bigger and bigger, this feature gets more important. I would really like to have it on my 60Hour box.

P.S. I would pay extra for this feature - once, but not a monthly fee.
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Old 01-18-2002, 06:40 PM   #3 (Print)
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ReplayTV already has Categories trademarked in this context, does it not?

And I would never leave it up to the TiVo to decide where to save my shows.

On the Program Details screen, let's add "Save this program" instead of Save to VCR. On the "Save Program" screen, they can Add to VCR. Once they add a show, "Record to VCR" is added to TiVo Central. Sounds like a nice way to batch save with minimal fuss or confusion.

"Move to Folder" is a bit inconvenient on programs that have already been recorded, but this is because of a lack of real-estate on the screen. To "Move to Folder", you go to "Save this program" first.

On the Season Pass Details, and anywhere else you set up a future recording, "Move to Folder" is right there.

If you pick "Move to Folder" and "by Title", on a Season Pass or any future recording, then those programs are saved into a folder with the same title as the name of the show.

If that show cannot be created as a Season Pass, an error is produced. The whole intention of "by Title" is for Season Pass-type shows or Manual recurring recordings. You can't use "by Title" for movies and the like. That's what the categories below are for.

A folder is created for a "by Title" show if necessary but already-recorded shows aren't moved there.

If you pick "Move to Folder", in addition to "by Title", you can choose from some preset names like "Drama", "Comedy", etc. You could also "Create My Own" which would bring up the letter & number entry screen.

If you pick "Move to Folder" on a show that's already been recorded, just that show moves to the selected folder, not all matching shows.

I don't have the raw snapshots necessary to produce a TiVo Central screen with "Record to VCR" on it, "Recording Details" screen with "Move to Folder" added to it. I could also do a Now Playing screen that's inside that folder (with a "Return to Now Playing" at the top).

My spidey-sense tells me that people will want to add more features like saving things by date or week to different folders. With my ideas above, this could be done manually, but without really complicating TiVo, I don't see how it could be done easily.

Perhaps a "by Week" option under "by Title".

DirecTV vs. Cable: If you can't tell the difference, why pay the difference?

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Old 01-18-2002, 09:45 PM   #4 (Print)
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The way Replay does this is really good. You could add the exclamation point or whatever. With 20 season passes, it is almost infinitely more useful to organize by SP or Show Name than by reverse chron, which doesn't at all reflect how I use Tivo.

And furthermore, the whole idea of Tivo is to make reverse chron-type stuff not necessary. I watch what I want, when I want. I record Jeopardy, but don't watch it every day and -- with some episodes -- never. I record CSI and never miss one, and sometimes hold onto the 2-3 most recent ones.

Etc. etc.

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Old 01-19-2002, 09:37 PM   #5 (Print)
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Location: Nashville, TN
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I like the Auto Folder for multiple episides idea, although I do NOT like the same thing as it is implimented on XP.

Nice demo graphics too!
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Old 01-19-2002, 11:25 PM   #6 (Print)
Registered Fool
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I think the poll for this topic should include the option of a one-time payment. Monthly payments are such an aggravation, I don't think I would buy it. But a reasonable one-time charge might be well worth it, especially if one of the folders was a trash can so I could retrieve deleted programs.

[I am just another TiVo hacking moron saying: It's time to get another TiVo!]

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Old 01-20-2002, 09:39 AM   #7 (Print)
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I like the concept of categories, sorting, or filtering better than the concept of actual folders. With categories, filtering, and sorting, nothing is moved, and recordings, as MighTivo mentioned, can be linked to more than one category.

IIWICOT (If I were in charge of Tivo), I'd make some automatic categories, including:

Sort/Filter/Group By Date (with the default view being identical to the current way Now Playing appears)
Sort/Filter/Group By Show (like feldon's graphic)

Then, allow owners to create their own categories that can be used to sort/filter/group recordings.

If we limit things to a total of 10 categories the numeric keys on the remote could easily be used to switch to particular categories.


It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.
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Old 01-28-2002, 04:29 PM   #8 (Print)
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I'm not sure I'd really pay extra, maybe a tiny bit, but I just wanted to pick the top choice, and I can't really imagine that they'd ever actually charge extra for such a feature. Mostly just wanted to add another vote in favor of this feature(s). I would hope that the folders could be blocked with the parental controls, there are some shows I'd like to record but I don't even want the kids to see the titles in the now playing list. But mostly I'd like the ability to sort by title, it would be nice not to have to page down to the bottom of my list (on a 108-hour TiVo) to make sure I'm watching the oldest episode of whatever show we wanna watch. Sometimes we get 3-4 weeks behind on certain stuff.

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Old 02-25-2002, 02:50 PM   #9 (Print)
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I like the folder idea for multiple episodes of the same show. I have the newer remote that has a display button. In now showing, if I could hit this button and have the choice of 1) reverse time 2) name 3) name folders I would be happy. I don't have to have custom folders, although this might be nice.
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Old 04-18-2002, 12:12 PM   #10 (Print)
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I think this feature is badly needed for anyone that has more than 30 hour capacity. I upgraded my SA unit with a single 100GB disc. Today I have more than 9 pages of shows on Now Playing. There are 8 items per page, but pg-dn only advances by 7. So, I estimate that I have 64 items in Now Playing.

I think that all series shows (or shows that have an identical title) that have more than X number of episodes should be collapsed into one item in Now Playing. The X can be a single setting in Preferences. In my situation if X=4, the number of items in Now Playing would drop to 29 items - that's just over 4 screens. If X=1, then I would have only 21 items - exactly 3 screens! MUCH Better!

I really like the format of the proposed screen shots - the episode date replaced with the number of episodes for collapsed series.

However, I think the number of controls necessary to implement user defined folders is unwieldy and makes the whole system more intimidating for beginners. Automatically collapsing multiple series shows is very intuitive and will solve the biggest issue with Now Playing - too many pages of content. All you have to do is hit -> or Select to see which ep's are available. What could be simpler?

Also, Deleted Items would be a GREAT feature since you could un-erase shows and you would have a good gauge of how much space you have free.

TiVo? Are you listening? Please????

- Mike

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Old 05-15-2002, 04:43 PM   #11 (Print)
hippie cyberpunk
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alphabetic by show sort is all i really need...

as someone astutely pointed out, the whole point of Tivo is that it changes when and how you watch TV. and yes, it is indeed useful to see whats freshly recorded on the Tivo; we still need the current view. but some sort of sort is necessary. folders would be cool, but that'd just be gravy to me. sort the nowplaying list by series name alphabetically by clicking the 1 button or something would be all thats required to make me EXTREMELY happy.

I often have multiple episodes of the same show recorded (as Im sure anyone that really uses their Tivo does) and I want a quick way to see what they are, which is oldest, etc, without having to flip multiple pages. I think that is a very basic and reasonable desire. Im atleast a month behind on ER and the Xfiles. sort em, then Id know, a) exactly how many i am behind b) which one is definitivley the oldest and c) could then channel up/down through the extended info screens to see info about the same show back to back, which would make SOOO much more sense.

yes yes? this is actually my most wanted feature hands down, since it would provide maximum couch potato utility. please please....

there is no spoon,
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Old 09-23-2002, 08:44 PM   #12 (Print)
New Member
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Another vote for folders

I would absolutely love to see some kind of folder view. What would be even cooler is to be able to save a thumbnail of a show out, so you would get a little look at what's in the folder.

More than anything else I think it would be great for keeping my wife's soap operas out of my Now Playing list =)

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Old 10-27-2002, 10:25 PM   #13 (Print)
New Member
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This and the batch save to VCR feature seem l;ike such no-brainers! I feel insulted that after paying for my tivo I they are holding additional featuers over my head like a carrot on a stick waiting until they have researched exactly how much additional money the average person would be willing to pay for this feature. I love my tivo, but this is not making me loyal to Tivo and believe me, when I need to buy another PVR it will be one with these features standard.

Sony SVR2000, v3.0, 177 hrs basic :-)
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Old 11-12-2002, 04:00 AM   #14 (Print)
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Since I haven't seen it mentioned in this area, the 3.0 back doors has a sort feature. You can sort the now playing list by name (alphabetical) or by expiration date, in addition to the usual by-recode-time sort.
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Old 11-22-2002, 01:19 AM   #15 (Print)
Title me this!
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After I switched to the Tivo from Replay, I didn't really like the stack oriented "Now Playing", but quickly grew to really like it as it's easier to see what's new. But then I upgraded it to a large disk, and have added a bunch of lower priority items to be recorded, and it would be nice to have those go into a folder or someplace separate so I can just go through the "must see" shows, and when I have time look in the extra folder for stuff to watch.
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Old 11-22-2002, 04:52 PM   #16 (Print)
Legal Beagle
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I love the idea of folders to organize things. Especially if you could set up "users". That way when I record my shows they would automatically be put into my folder and hubby and kids put into theirs. I wonder why TiVo hasn't come up with this upgrade yet.
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Old 11-22-2002, 05:31 PM   #17 (Print)
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Probably because until relatively recently they only sold 60 hour models as their largest capacity, while Replay came out with a 320 hour model a year ago.


It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.
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Old 11-29-2002, 07:45 PM   #18 (Print)
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I'd just like to agree strongly to the post by greenmonk -- I travel 4-5 days a week and sometimes have 4 or 5 episodes of the same show buried amongst the clutter. My upgraded TiVos have over 100-hour capacity and it would be a great help to see all episodes of a show displayed together with a subsort by date. It's a bummer to watch a show and realize you skipped the oldest one.....
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Old 11-29-2002, 09:15 PM   #19 (Print)
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Although not as nice as folders would probably be, the sorting option works really well at letting you see shows.

In Now Playing, press the following remote buttons one after the other:

0 (Zero)
Thumbs Up

Then, press 1, 2, and 3 to sort by recording date (default), expiration date, and alphabetically, respectively.


It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.
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Old 11-30-2002, 04:31 PM   #20 (Print)
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Suggested enhancements to the (currently undocumented) sorting feature:

1) Make it documented and supported. (Do the same for the 30 second skip ).

2) Allow a grouping of identically titled items, with the number of matching items listed to the right where the record date currently is. Pressing Select or Right would expand the current grouping.

THE SIMPSONS __________ (7 items)

3) Use currently unused remote buttons to ease navigation. For example, while sorted alphabetically, allow the FF button to jump to the next item that begins with the next letter of the alphabet, and the REW button to do the same with the previous letter. Also, allow the Skip to End (or 30 second skip) button to jump all the way to the end of the Now Playing list (and back to the top if pressed again).

4) While sorting alphabetically, sort Suggestions separately and place them at the bottom.

5) While sorting by expiration date, put all suggestions at the top of the list in the order in which they'll be deleted.

6) Make each sort option a toggle. For example, pressing the 3 sorts from A-Z. Make it so that pressing the 3 again sorts from Z-A.


It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.

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Old 02-21-2003, 01:59 PM   #21 (Print)
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Arrow How about 2 levels of folders?

Just throwing in my two bits:

I bought my TiVo on ebay from someone who adds a bigger harddrive and re-sells. So my TiVo has almost twice the capacity of an 80 hour machine. In the two months Ive had my TiVo, I dont think it has ever deleted a show I recorded. I have a long confusing list of shows with different episodes of the same show showing up in no particular order.


Any way, I think a simple solution would be two levels of folders. The top level I could name/create myself, and the bottom level would be by show.
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Old 03-15-2003, 09:39 AM   #22 (Print)
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I've just switched over to Tivo from UltimateTV and I have to say that overall the UltimateTV user interface was superior, with probably the key reason being the ability to automatically group different episodes of the same show into folders. I was sure I had simply overlooked the way to do this in Tivo until I came to this forum and saw that it hadn't been implemented yet. That's pretty unbelievable.
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Old 06-01-2003, 04:43 PM   #23 (Print)
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Grouping by shows really gets my vote.

Just seeing my SP's and suggestions as

A TiVo Show 1
FUTRAMA - 6 Episodes
RELIC HUNTER - 2 Episodes

Odd TiVo Show 2
Odd TiVo Show 3
Suggestion Show 1 - 2 Episodes
Suggestion Show 1

Would be a really nice way to make the Now Playing screen more useable even without additional category’s (Though there again a nice idea).

You could just add it as a preferences toggle. Simple On and Off would be all that’s required, even leave it off by default so as not to confuse any users (and keep support calls down).

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Old 10-13-2003, 12:39 AM   #24 (Print)
Girl in Gold Boots
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Two years and counting?

I rather wish I'd read these forums before I shelled out my money for this service.

Two years(!) of requests from subscribers ("we're listening" - sure you are!) and there has been NO progress on the most requested features!!!

How can this be?

My brother-in-law has Replay. I thought they were basically the same service until I installed my Tivo. Lo and behold, they're not.

No sorting! No commerical skipping!

Exactly how long should I wait? Should I switch to Replay now?
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Old 10-13-2003, 05:43 AM   #25 (Print)
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First of all, there is a sorting feature. Bring up your Now Playing screen, and then press the following remote control buttons one at a time:


Now you can sort. Happy? Series2 Tivos have a grouping feature too. Series1 Tivos will probably not receive any software updates, but the sorting option I listed above works for them.

Secondly, Tivo has added a LOT of features over the years, including many that were requested by customers. But guess what? After they add them, most people stop requesting them.


It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.
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Old 10-13-2003, 10:35 AM   #26 (Print)
Girl in Gold Boots
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Arrow Categories please

Perhaps I should have clarified what I meant by sorting.

Alphabetical vs. most recently recorded isn't what I meant. (And why is that option so carefully hidden in obscure remote commands?)

When you pick a program to record, the Tivo sorts everything into helpful categories like movies: comedy: romantic comedy. What I'm requesting (and apparently a whole lot of other people) is the ability to sort what's been recorded into those exact same categories.

Separate my movies from my tv shows. Separate the comedies from the dramas.

From what I've seen features like categorizing recorded shows and even how much disc space is left have been repeatedly requested for a very long time.
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Old 10-13-2003, 11:33 AM   #27 (Print)
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Re: Categories please

Originally posted by sad05
(And why is that option so carefully hidden in obscure remote commands?)
Because it's not a standard feature on pre 4.0 SW. Series 2 SA's have sorting and grouping (although not exactly what you want) available as a menu option (press display in Now Playing IIRC).

I too, am truly sorry that you didn't "read these forums before I shelled out my money for this service."

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Old 04-25-2004, 06:43 PM   #28 (Print)
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I wish Tivo would allow you to sort within a folder by EPISODE NUMBER. So say I have a folder of seinfeld episodes, instead of sorting them by the date it was recorded, it would arrange them by their episode number so that the shows in that folder are in that order. If there is currently a way to do this please let me know!!
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Old 04-25-2004, 09:00 PM   #29 (Print)
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I'm not sure that sorting by episode number is the best way to achieve the results you want, since IIRC the reported episode number is linked to the production order, which isn't always the correct broadcast order. The ability to sort by original air date might work better, and that is a consistent piece of information that is definitely already in the guide data.

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Old 05-01-2004, 12:52 PM   #30 (Print)
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My suggestion would be a Sort/Select option... I'd like to see a full support of a wireless keyboard and then when pointing to any screen be able to sort the items Up/Down or select or move-to them based on a string, enterable by an onscreen keyboard or via a standard wireless keyboard.
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