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Old 11-16-2005, 11:36 AM   #361 (Print)
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Originally Posted by devdogaz
No, it was discussed in this thread too.

I think the majority of the average viewers didn't realize that the accident involving Jack's future wife also involved Adam Rutherford (Shannon's dad) until this episode, if at all. Here on the Now Playing Forum it was discussed extensively after the first ep of the season when we first found out about the accident. Most of the people in this thread were part of that discussion so it wasn't discussed as extensively in this thread, but it's definitely a smeek.

Then I'm pretty sure I smeeked my smeek warning! The rare smeek squared!
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Originally Posted by ReenieS
Regarding Jack in the ER--- remember his future/past "wife" was in an auto accident and he could only work on one person? The 'guy' that he passed over to work on his future wife, was probably Shannon's dad!

You mean Adam Rutherford, 57, no breathing signs...?

Hmmmm...I guess you may be on to something there...

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Old 11-16-2005, 02:19 PM   #363 (Print)
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Originally Posted by mohler7154
Im not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I was rewatching the scene where Cindy dissappears, and right after Ana says "Where's Cindy?", it definitely sounds like someone (possible Bernard) says "Your Sister?" Just wondering if anyone else heard this. I listened several times and was pretty sure that that was what i heard.

Originally Posted by thenightfly42
According to this transcript:

ANA: Cindy. Cindy? Where's Cindy?
BERNARD: She was just here.

I got a good laugh out of that. It never ceases to amuse me all the different ways the dialog can be mis-heard (I've done it myself).

a little OT, but it reminds me of the time my father and his friend were working on my grandfather's roof. They would holler down to my grandfather that they needed something and the next thing you know it'd come flying (thrown) up on the roof, like shovels! But my grandfather is a little hard or hearing so my dad would say "we need some sweat rags" and my grandfather would say "Red rags?"

so in a little while my dad hollers "we need a coat hanger" and from the other side of the roof his buddy (poking fun) says "A boat anchor?" My dad says he could just picture a boat anchor come flying up onto the roof...lol, not sure if you "had to be there" but I thought I'd share
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has anyone thought or said that the girl from the tail section that went missing (im guessing cindy) is part of the others and just took off because she knew they were getting close?

for some reason im thinking she was the flight attendant though...so i dont know


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