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Exclamation *** Forum Rules & Guidelines ***

TiVo Community Forum Rules and Guidelines

The TiVo Community Forum is for people with the common interest of TiVo to post information, questions, ideas, etc on the subject of TiVo PVR’s. TiVo employees even post here and help out on occasion.

There is also off-topic areas that gives the ability for members to post topics that are not TiVo related (Happy Hour/UK General Chit Chat). These areas, while not directly TiVo related, are here to help extend our community to be more than just TiVo related. We have also made friends here.

Over the years we have noticed that people keep discussing TiVoCommunity policies and how the moderators make decisions. The subject has come up with both newbies and long-term members alike from time to time. In an effort to try and help the forum members understand what the moderation standards are, we have come up with what we hope is a clearer listing of the main rules. (Please note this is not the full user agreement. Just the main rules.) We have also listed some guidelines that we feel may help with your posting choices.

Please remember, these are not open for discussion or debate; they are, however, designed to hopefully help give a better understanding of what is expected and make your experience with TiVoCommunity more enjoyable. These rules have come about from running a forum type community from 1995 and we feel they work well for a community of this type.


1. No discussion of Theft of services. That includes TiVo, DirectTV, CableTV or theft of any other service.

2. No discussion of hacked TiVo software versions that allows Theft of Services. Even if the discussion is not about theft, since these hacked versions allow the possibility of theft, discussions about it is not permitted.

3. No discussion of hacks that remove ads from TiVo software.

4. No discussion of Video Extraction. Because of copyright issues, especially when talking about extracting digital video from a DirectTV/TiVo combo box, it has been decided that it is best to stay away from this discussion.

5. No discussion of any illegal activity.

6. No links to any website that discusses anything that is not permitted on this forum.

7. No Flaming - On the Internet, flaming is giving someone a verbal lashing in public. There is to be no flaming of members of this forum, other people, or any company.

8. No use of obscene language, photos, links to obscene language or photos, or anything that would be considered offensive.

9. No threats, name calling, racist remarks, or other type of posts that attack someone.

10. Avatars – Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post. You may use any cartoon or non-moving graphic. However, to enhance the community aspect of this board, we strongly encourage a photo of yourself. NOTICE: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE POLITICAL IMAGES, IMAGES IN A SEXUAL OR RUDE NATURE, ANOTHER MEMBERS PERSONAL ACTUAL PHOTO, A LIKENESS OF THE SITE STAFF LOGO, OR ANIMATED GIFS. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED IF SUCH IMAGES ARE USED.

11. Use of Multiple UserID’s is not Permitted – You have signed up with a user id, and that is the only one that should be registered. Posting under multiple userids will result in all userids being banned.

12. No advertising – No links to advertising or Spam is permitted. No referral links are allowed. No links to charitable organizations or sponsorships are allowed. No linking to your own site for the sole purpose of driving traffic to it is allowed. Also, no selling of products, including TiVos on the forum. There is an area on the AVSforum for buying/selling products which can be accessed here: http://marketplace.avsforum.com.

13. No stock talk - In the past people have tried to influence stock prices either by talking a company down and shorting it or pushing it. This seemed to be their sole purpose at the forum.

14. Moderators decisions are NOT to be questioned in public. PMs are encouraged. If a moderator closes or moves a thread, do not start another one on the same topic. This includes veiled or similarly named threads solely designed to protest a moderating decision. These will be considered "questioning the moderators" and will result in the user starting them being temp-banned. If you have a question for a moderator on a decision, you can send a PM to any one, and we will get back to you. Moderators and users may not see things the same way, we do understand that. Please understand, we do things we think are right for the site, but we are very approachable.


1. This is a community. That means that we are many different people making up a single entity. Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun off, or insult another member.

2. This is considered a family forum. TiVo is a family product. There are many members that are minors and many people that post with their children looking over their shoulder. If it shouldn’t be viewed by minors, then it shouldn’t be posted.

3. There are people that read this forum at work. If something would not be considered “work safe” (to a boss or HR person), then it shouldn’t be posted.

4. Threads/Posts on controversial topics such as religion, race, and sex are not encouraged since they usually end up with flaming….and no-one is going to change the mind of a stranger on these type of subjects. This doesn't mean that controversial things will never be discussed, as occasionally there are items in the news that may engender legitimate conversation. If they become heated, or result in complaints, then they may be edited, closed or removed by a Moderator. If a particular user constantly posts controversial topics, it may be cause for disciplinary action.
Political posts are not allowed: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-v...threadid=161919

5. If you are about to post something new, please check to see if there is already a topic open on the subject.

6. Moderators are volunteers that help out the forum for FREE. Please treat all moderators with respect in both public forums and in any private messages.

7. Refrain from YELLING – Remember, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in print is considered yelling.

8. If there is someone in a thread or on the forum that bothers you, put them on the “ignore” list. Don’t respond back to something with another flame. Doing so could also cause you to be part of a problem. If you feel you are being flamed, please report the post to a moderator.

9. Don’t post “flame-bait” – That is a post just to irritate members or designed to get a reaction from people. Those type of posts will be removed.

10. Using cryptic messages to "skirt" the rules is not permitted. Posts of this nature will be removed.

11. Nonsense posts just to up a user's post count (including the infamous IBTL posts and "copycat" threads) are not needed and slow down the search function and server. These posts will be deleted.

12. If you see a post that violates the guidelines or rules, please click on “Report this post to a Moderator” at the bottom right corner of the post. We will act on the report as quickly as we can.

13. Please use the appropropriate forums when starting a thread. Since there is some confusion about the meets section, here is the appropriate use for it: All discussions about potential gatherings among members should be held in the "meets" section so as not to clutter up the Happy Hour, Coffee House or other sections of TiVoCommunity. The Meets section will include any threads intended to gauge interest in a gathering or gathering location, all planning related to any gathering, and any event discussion. This area will also be used for after meets dicussions, such as photo sharing, thank yous, compliments, complaints, and general reminiscing. One sticky thread listing upcoming gatherings will be kept at the top of the Happy Hour, and members who have a confirmed meet date should send a PM to Graymalkin so he can update it. There is also a calendar function members are free to use for this purpose. Members may also put a small line in their signature about any upcoming meet or gathering that they will be attending. As with any section of TiVoCommunity, any thread which is posted in the wrong forum will be moved without notice.

There are rules posted in the TV Talk area about spoilers. Those rules also apply in any section of the forum. If, on the chance a subject turns to television, remember to put any spoilers in spoiler tags.

Moderators have the right to edit or remove posts that are in violation of any rule or guideline or ones that they consider offensive to the integrity of the community. Moderators may lock a thread because it is has gone as far as it could go, in their opinion, or is heading down a path that would violate the rules or guidelines (based on experience). Rules may be added or changed at any time.

Please remember...Each moderator, being human with different life experiences, may see things through slightly different eyes and some variance is to be expected. However, moderators promise to base their decision making on content of threads rather than personal feelings about the person posting in them.

Please help keep our work to a minimum and stay within the rules and guidelines.

TiVo has forever changed the way I view TV!

"I truly fear you!" - JediCowboyD
"Unixadm is right" - mwhip
"wow, you're good" - Brig1977
"[It's] Bad karma to prove a mod wrong." - newsposter

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