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Old 12-29-2005, 10:02 AM   #1 (Print)
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Netgear FA111 wired network!!!

Finally got my tivo's hardwired onto my network with the FA111 adapters. Nothing to it. Just plug the adapter into the back of the Tivo, connect the adapter to the router (5 port extension hub from the router in my situation), and...that's it! Tivo recognizes the adapter and gets an IP address and DCN(?) automatically and your done.

What a difference from wireless (MA111 and WG111 adapters)!!!!!!

With both Tivo's wired, I transferred a 1 hour show between Tivo's in 26 minutes. I was able to watch the show while it transferred without any "hickups".

I'm gonna transfer a show onto my desktop now and see how fast it is (I'll report back).

Wired in the way to go if you have a choice!

(2)540040s w/200gb Seagates (Lifetime/2nd)
Both w/FA111 Wired Adapters

See my 540040 upgrade story here:
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Old 12-30-2005, 09:21 AM   #2 (Print)
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I was amazed at how my connection improved just by making the Tivo "wired" and putting my computers wireless. I can almost watch a show live now, I give it a 10-minute buffer and it'll make it through a 2 hour movie no problem.

Wired is definitely where it's at though.

"Mad Dog"

R540040 - 336 hours + lifetime subscription w/ Netgear WG111.
R240080 - 376 hours + lifetime subscription. (Mom's)
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Old 12-30-2005, 04:21 PM   #3 (Print)
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We're all wired here (TiVo-wise). I've said it before and I'll say it again.... if it doesn't move, wire it. I save wireless for the laptops around here. We get great transfer speeds around here, at least in my opinion.
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Old 12-30-2005, 09:41 PM   #4 (Print)
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It's not that wireless sucks, it's that Tivo's wireless implementation sucks.

I have two Tivo's, each connected to each other wirelessly by having each Tivo with a wired USB adapter, and then plugged into Apple Airport expresses via ethernet.

From Tivo's perspective, they are wired since I am using wired ethernet adaptors. The AE's basically act as bridges. I get similar transfer times as others mention here for wired connections, without having run any cable anywhere. Works like a champ (plus I can stream music - even protected ITMS music - to my stereo from my laptop or desktop).

I imagine you would get similar results with other wireless bridge/adaptors, I've just never used 'em
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