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Old 12-08-2005, 12:07 AM   #61 (Print)
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yeah, that utility is pretty cool. it took some tries to get working though. on my computer, it would lock up if i used the mouse...so only keyboard commands for me. and it would give me an error if i didn't have a device hooked up to every ide controller, meaning that you needed a primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave...or else the program would bomb out and give me some error about an A: drive...i don't know what it has to do anything with my floppy, but anyways:

it was interesting to see the cache size on some of my drives. i have an old seagate drive with no cache at all! some had 256k cache and some had 8mb. also, the best tool is the acoustic management tool. if you have just bought a diamondmax 10 maxtor hard drive, you need to check this out. the acoustic settings on that are out of wack! turn them down to about 250 or lower and the thing is almost silent. my nikimi drive would save the setting, but on a reset, it would be at default again, oh well, it's not loud. using the "test" mode is really cool for figuring out what setting you should put it on.

this quieted down a few of my drives, it's awesome, now i can only hear the fan on my series 2, if i really try to hear for it.
my hitachi drive had the most settings enabled, letting me change the dma if i wanted to (i don't know why you'd reduce it though..) giving me the temp reading also. the acoustic setting on this could be diasbled and it was still super quiet, good drive. also, i could enable and adjust the power settings, but i didn't want to mess with it, because it might screw up my tivo.
if you have an older drive, it might not be possible to change the acoustic level. i had 3 smaller drives (<5 gigs each) and i could only view diagnostics on them.

i wish they made a program that would spin the platters at a lower speed so older drives wouldn't whine as loud...i have about 3 drives that are silent, but they whine...sounds like a fridge.

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i only use seagate drives. bye bye lifetime!
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Old 12-08-2005, 09:36 AM   #62 (Print)
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Originally Posted by GusMan
Give this link a shot.
Thanks for posting the link Gus. I referenced this (Hitachi Feature) tool very early on in this thread - should have posted the link then. It worked great on a 160gb maxtor quickview, slicenced it right up.

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Glad the link helped.
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